Unit id for spartans rome total war

Unit id for spartans rome total war

Hi all, im trying to get this code to work, create_unit "Sparta" "unit id" 5 9 3 3 wich completely works for me in Rome Total War, however here in. Rome Total War Unit Code: All Roman Greek and Carthaginian Units . type in the unit code to not use capital letters, the game recognises the IDs in lower case . or "Aloeus of Sparta"? i read somewhere to put an underscore somewhere. To find the unit id, you have to find the file location they are in. The file location I found them in was: C:\Program Files\The Creative Assembly\Rome - Total War\. This guide provides all working cheat codes for Rome: Total War, and shows you how to open the console to use them. All Barbarian Invasion and Alexander Unit IDs are also contained in this guide .. greek hoplite spartan. I would suggest a Spartan Hero Swordsmen unit, much like the other hellenic . too far. hawaiisplantationvillage-info.com?id= .. would actualy do in real hawaiisplantationvillage-info.com ask the developers of rome 1.

see the video

Spartan Empire Mod (Rome 2 Total War), time: 9:21
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