Melodic chaotic the intro

Jul 06,  · Willow Smith introduced us to her duo, Melodic Chaotic, in May with their debut single “The Intro.” Now Will and Jada’s year-old daughter and D.J. “MVSIC” Fabrega roll out their first. Jul 06,  · Summer Fling Lyrics. [Intro] The bright sun in the blue water (blue water, blue water) We fight less and love harder (love harder, love harder) You tell me that I'm the one (that I'm the one, that I'm the one) I tell you it's just for fun (it's just for fun, it's just for fun) We walk the beach at midnight (at midnight, at midnight). Oct 02,  · Hope you guys like it:) Twitter- @fashyon_jones None of the music here belongs to me.

Melodic chaotic the intro

Melodic Chaotic - The Intro; Criar. Editar playlist. Apagar playlist. tem certeza que deseja deletar esta playlist? sim não. OK. Nome. Quem pode ouvir essa lista? Todos Somente eu. Adicionar e mover músicas. Buscar. Resultado da busca fechar. Buscar. tudo artistas músicas trecho. Playlists Relacionadas. Momentos. The futuristic production and Willowâ s poetic lyrics meshing to form a sound that works for the eclectic year-old's evolving sound. "The Intro" (with DJ Fabrega) (performed as Melodic Chaotic) Falling deep, into the sea You don't even know my name I'll take the lead And we We dance and sing I'll take the lead Melodic Chaotic times They catch it My eyes blink faster than the lightning, and I think You should carry me, I believe, I I believe in us And I I can smell your. Melodic Chaotic - The Intro [New Music] Willow Smith has returned to music, but this time she’s in a duo with DJ Fabrega called Melodic Chaotic (she’s Melodic on the vocals, he’s Chaotic on the beats). Oct 02,  · Hope you guys like it:) Twitter- @fashyon_jones None of the music here belongs to me.According to a video the two put out a couple of weeks ago, Willow is Melodic and DJ Fabrega is Chaotic. So how does “The Intro” sound?. She joins forces with DJ Fabrega to form the duo Melodic Chaotic (she's She showcases her new music on “The Intro,” the first release from. Willow & Trey Smith - Melodic Chaotic "the intro". Willow SmithOne HalfNew MusicTrey SmithMusic VideosTrackMusicRunwayTrucks. More information. AceShowbiz - After the commercial letdown that was her last collaboration with Nicki Minaj entitled "Fireball", Willow Smith is back with a. "The Intro" (with DJ Fabrega) (performed as Melodic Chaotic). Falling deep, into the sea. You don't even know my name. I look at you, you look at me. And we.

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Melodic Chaotic Summer Fling, time: 3:58
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