About Lauren

Hello, my name is Lauren Murray and I recently relocated to Switzerland and it has been quite an experience for me and one that I am more than willing to share. Here is a detailed account of my entire Switzerland experience.

Relocating to Switzerland is the furthest I’ve been from England which happens to be where I’ve lived since I was a child. Being young adult and being almost thirty, it is absolutely correct to say England is my home. Up until I left for Switzerland, I have only lived outside England momentarily as I stayed in Australia for some time.

Very recently, I was hired by a company in Switzerland and had to relocate to Solothurn. The municipality of Solothurn has a strong German influence so there is the immediate challenge that comes with linguistics. Luckily, I interact with eloquent English speakers in my immediate environment and my work operations require English as well.

With my PhD in view I was submitted my application for a job got it. Given that I’m a legal resident in Europe and coupled with my impressive abilities I was just the man they were looking for. This was immediately followed by visiting my soon to be property-owner.  I presented a duplicate of my fresh job deal in order to expedite the entire process of settling in. After I had been issued a license from the house-owner, My next destination was the local administration to secure my residence permit. Having a permit is imperative as it indicates that you are a lawful dweller. Bank processes and coverage procedures followed quickly. 

I had very limited time to settle-in which made me worried about discovering a suitable house. Houses in Switzerland are not equipped and the whole flat-mate concept was not popular in Switzerland either. The distasteful picture of solitude made me cringe in horror. Anyway, wgzimmer.ch came to my rescue and offered a well-equipped apartment with someone that communicates eloquently in English. The best part is that my housemate is very enthusiastic about informing me on my new environment.  Can you believe my Luck!