Pervasiveness of English in Switzerland

When you get to Switzerland, you will immediately get the impression that English is a second language. The reason for this is because the existence and pervasive way in which English is used. What you may find ridiculous, is the fact that many languages are used as subtitles for whatever is said in Swizz. Aside from the fact that the Swizz environment actively supports English, you may also encounter people that actually speak a hybrid blend of English and Swiss. Don’t assume you know what they are saying when you hear this Hybrid English because its connotation is quite different from the usual. 

With a major music festival in Luzern called the Blue Balls Festival and a location called Wankdorf, it becomes clear that the Swiss are indeed very liberal.  I meant that in a humorous way.

My background in German – With German language being a part of educational curriculum in England, it is expected that I learn German language for six years in secondary school. However this was interrupted when I relocated to Australia and spent about twenty three months there….

Studying and speaking German – While certain individuals have the God-given ability to understand and speak multiple languages fast, let me make it abundantly clear that I do not fall in that category. With an environment that demands you speak German…

Conversing in Swiss is not an easy task either and can be very puzzling. When I listened to a group conversing in Swiss, my first impression was that they were visitors from Russia or Turkey. I know you must be thinking that I am no good with languages anyway. Well you are wrong to think that because Swizz language is also a mystery to many Germans too.