Conversing in Swiss is not an easy task

Conversing in Swiss is not an easy task either and can be very puzzling. When I listened to a group conversing in Swiss, my first impression was that they were visitors from Russia or Turkey. I know you must be thinking that I am no good with languages anyway. Well you are wrong to think that because Swizz language is also a mystery to many Germans too.

One thing that is consistent with all the Swizz I’ve met is that they are willing to converse with you irrespective of what you speak. Many of them speak English and German as well and would get a third-party to converse with you when they can’t.


german conversation

You can bank on Swizz people to be very kind and accommodating with your inability to express yourself in German and Swizz language. You can expect to get encouragement and all of the assistance you might require. I immediately noticed that the Swizz people are very accommodating and beautiful.

Widely used and accepted English gestures and idioms can be very baffling to the Swizz. Over time, I have encountered a lot of baffled glares and much awkward silence that I remedied with the “sorry” expression which quickly became an overused diction for me. Do not attempt to interpret sentences in plain form either or you would be doing yourself a hysterical disservice. So far, the singular hurdle between me and enjoyable conversations is my incoherent German. 

Interestingly, where I stay is in close proximity to French speaking settlements. Now I am sure you are thinking that this is great for me. However, my French isn’t impressive either and that is just a mild way to put it. The entirety of my French was learnt from movies and TV programs. Don’t even get me started on my Italian either. Interestingly, the majority of Swizz will converse well in English which was a pleasant bombshell for me.