Studying and speaking German

While certain individuals have the God-given ability to understand and speak multiple languages fast, let me make it abundantly clear that I do not fall in that category. With an environment that demands you speak German, I am very enthusiastic about being able to speak. Just like you guessed, I mostly make awkward sentences so far it is understood by the other party. However, I am optimistic that there would improvements with time.

study german

Being In a German speaking environment makes me encounter thousands of interesting expressions that I plan to make part of my dictions. In the bid to keep up, Duolingo, tabloids, Netflix have been a great support in my quest to bolster my German diction. While opting for a German language program seems like the most preferred option, issues with cost and quality were some of the numerous deterrents.

Given that I did not have a very in-depth knowledge of German language during my formative years, the task of learning German language this stage of my life is indeed a daunting challenge as I am constantly busy with other pursuits. In addition to my full time job, it is only natural that I spend my off days exploring the environment. As it stands, I would rate my German to be well above average. Just like you guessed, the review of my eloquence in German language isn’t exactly correct. Quite frankly, it’s not as good as I make it seem.   

The challenge of communicating in German language hasn’t been easy.  You cannot help but feel restricted. Sometimes, it is almost pitiful when I try so hard to communicate and the right words refuse to come to mind. While having English speaking house mates is bliss, it doesn’t really serve the purpose of learning German. So far, I am particularly intrigued by having conversations with Germans and Swiss speaking folks that don’t speak English. The entire process of deciphering every word and making meaning is both enlightening and fun.

Decoding directives and discussions in the office is no small task especially since it is offered in German. Luckily, my mobile device does a great job in translating German content to understandable English but this process is indeed exhausting.


You could easily acclimatize to the environment and lifestyle in Switzerland and this often obviate the urgency to learn the language. This explains why there are many individuals that have been in Switzerland for extended periods and can’t speak the language eloquently.

I am very resilient and have not given up on speaking German language. However, it feels very much like a rollercoaster. Over time, My German has improved but it sometimes feels like I keep going back and forth. I have been in situations where I attempt communicating and the recipient looks at me in utter disbelief or laughs hysterically. In other cases, someone says something to me and leaves me completely dumbfounded.