My background in German

Relocating to a different neighborhood or environment offers new challenges and opportunities.  On the other hand, relocating to another country is very much like having a new life all together. The thought of relocating to a new country comes with many uncertainties and anxieties. However, all you require to make it work is determination and a tinge of adventure.

With German language being a part of educational curriculum in England, it is expected that I learn German language for six years in secondary school. However this was interrupted when I relocated to Australia and spent about twenty three months there. With the background on German linguistic, it is clear that my German is very bad. to exacerbate the situation even further, I have not had any interactions in German since my secondary school days and that is well over a decade.


I am sure you must be wondering how deplorable my German is. Quite frankly, the only expressions I could say eloquently in German are to exchange a few pleasantries and tell you name. I would not know what to say once we get past basic pleasantries.

Relocating to Switzerland was a very hurried process for me. It was much pressured because I was still trying to finalize my PhD program which had me going back and forth between Australia and New Zealand. The only shot I had to study German was through mobile app and I will tell you honestly that it wasn’t much help.